Credits: Brescia & Amisano – Teatro alla Scala



We are committed to giving back to society and contributing to the development of local projects, which fully benefit the communities in which we are active either directly or indirectly through our investments.

We reinvest a part of the value created by HALTRA in societal projects that are in line with our values and focused on education, health, housing, and access to first-time employment. 

HALTRA Communities finances and supports projects with a positive, measurable, and long-term social and environmental impact. 

Art & Culture

We give artists the opportunity to present their vision of tomorrow’s world. From their training, we support them in their artistic development and their creative process.

In accordance with our values, we contribute to the support of artistic craftsmanship and the transmission of know-how and promote our common heritage by developing its accessibility and dissemination.

Galerie Chaye